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Central Heating installation in East London

Whether it’s your radiators that keep your household toasty and warm during the winter months or the hot water that you use when you turn on the tap to take a shower, your home’s central heating system has got you covered from room to room. If you consider your boiler as the heating heart of your home, then your central heating system may well be the essential arteries that supply the heat to where you need it most, which is why it is important to maintain the upkeep of your central heating system and have it regularly serviced by a professional engineer.

Gas Central Heating

Like the rest of the UK, most homes in East London use gas mains central heating or what is also known as a ‘wet system’. This means that while your gas-fired boiler heats the water, your central heating system creates a continuously moving circuit of hot water, supplying each of the radiators and hot water taps throughout your home in turn, before feeding back into the boiler to reheat, and in essence maintaining an even distribution and constant flow of heat at all times.

So that you and your family don’t get caught out in a cold house, keep your central heating system in check with regular maintenance. It is generally recommended to have your central heating system serviced by a professional engineer approximately once every 12 months and in particular, to make sure it is in full working order before the colder months take hold and you will need to use it more frequently. This means that you will be able to sort out any potential problems well in advance, and your central heating system can run smoothly and efficiently when you need it most.

Jerry is a CORGI registered gas engineer servicing the East London area, specialising in the servicing and maintenance of radiators and central heating systems, including boiler installation in East London and power flush.

Radiator installation and power flush

Power Flush is a process designed especially to clean home central heating systems. One of the main causes of breakdown in central heating systems is the build-up of sludge, rust and other debris in the pipes, which can seriously impact upon the efficiency of your system if left too long. If this is the case, then a Power Flush process is necessary to remove the contaminants, with a preventative Power Flush recommended every five to six years.

If your gas central heating is showing signs of slowing down such as cool patches on radiators (when they should be heating), the heating system taking a long time to warm up, cloudy water from the hot water tap, radiator leaks or an overly noisy boiler or radiator, then it may be time to call in a professional engineer to perform a Power Flush or service your central heating system.

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